Tire Pressure Monitoring

Kit 4 Sensors Pressure Tyres Tpms Bmw Serie 5 F10

Kit 4 Sensors Pressure Tyres Tpms Bmw Serie 5 F10

Kit 4 Sensors Pressure Tyres Tpms Bmw Serie 5 F10   Kit 4 Sensors Pressure Tyres Tpms Bmw Serie 5 F10
KIT 4 SENSORS PRESSURE TYRES TPMS BMW SERIE 5 F10. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

THE KIT INCLUDES 4 TIRE PRESSURE TPMS SENSORS. Communicate the car's data for a correct configuration of the sensor, also the position where you will apply the sensor (front or rear left or right).

TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system means (in English: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). Is an integrated electronic system that is used to check the tire pressure of a vehicle. Provides real time information to the driver warning him when the pressure of one or more tires is not the correct one. The TPMS displays this information through reports on the instrument cluster as an indicator, pictograms or a spy.

Original sensors and programmable universal. Prerequisites for the choice of sensors for motor vehicles. The sensors to be installed must be pre-scheduled for the vehicle that will be mounted.

The vehicle and the sensor must be compatible, which means that not all sensors are fine for any vehicle. In case of replacement of winter or summer tyres, the choice should fall between an original pre-programmed universal sensor or sensor not programmed. Original sensors -Sensors are pre-programmed with the specific settings of the vehicle for which they are intended.

Given the large number of available sensors and customer base continues to grow, it is necessary that the workshops had all kinds of sensors, with a minimum of at least four units available at all times, so that we can meet the needs of the clients. Universal programmable sensors -These types of sensors are not pre-programmed and can be installed on any vehicle. There is no need for the workshops have a stock of many sensors to meet customer demands. However, programmable sensor you must have one extra programming tool which is used to calibrate the sensor to the specifications of the vehicle.

The instrument before law technical specifications original tyre sensor that is placed, then the data collected are used to program the new sensor with the same specifications. If the original sensor is absent, the tool can generate a new sensor ID before programming the sensor specifications. The indicator of the TPMS on my instrument panel flashes. The TPMS comes on while you are driving: If the TPMS light stays on when you're going, it means that at least one of the tires has a low pressure level. Controls the level of pressure of all tires to ascertain which have an incorrect pressure and gonfiali.

The indicator of TPMS will turn off automatically when the pressure is restored to correct values on all tires. The the TPMS warning light goes on and off: This indicates that the tire pressure level is approaching the minimum threshold (the 20% below normal value).

This usually occurs when the pressure fluctuates as a result of changes in ambient temperature. It is good practice to periodically check the inflation pressure of tires, including the spare tire to make sure they all have an optimum pressure level. The TPMS light will flash when you turn on the car and stays on: When the TPMS light will Flash for about 30-90 seconds when you turn on the engine and stays on even when the car is in motion, TPMS system is malfunctioning. Bring your car in a specialist workshop TPMS as soon as possible to restore the proper functioning of the system. If the TPMS is defective, as further.

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  1. Number sensors: 4
  2. Features: TPMS direct
  3. Brand: ORANGE
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: SP201
  5. Functionality: With battery, Bluetooth, Sensor valve
  6. UPC: 600736927109

Kit 4 Sensors Pressure Tyres Tpms Bmw Serie 5 F10   Kit 4 Sensors Pressure Tyres Tpms Bmw Serie 5 F10